About Us

Welcome to SaRose Couture Boutique!

 We would like to thank you for shopping at our boutique SaRose. We would like to share a little about ourselves. We are a family-owned boutique with a love and passion for clothes. We love supporting, encouraging, and inspiring women, while looking to also be inspired by others. 

My name is Shari. I and my daughter Amber are the founders of SaRose Couture Boutique. Rose is my younger daughter who also gives a helping hand. The three names together form our company name SaRose. We are very thankful that you like our boutique and we look forward to serving you. 

Our objective is to provide women with trendy and attractive clothing and accessories that are also affordable. We look to provide clothing and accessories that are appropriate for all occasions. 

"Classy but sassy" is our motto!

We hope that our clothing and accessories make you feel confident, beautiful, and happy. 

Proverbs: 31:25